A Hat to Wear Proudly

Trisha Faye

Following is an excerpt from a current work in progress, Embracing 60.

A Hat to Wear Proudly


Last night I stepped into the closet to retrieve a birthday present I’d stashed on a shelf and spied my embellished ball cap hanging on the wall. It’s a hat I’ve only worn once, yet I keep it hanging there to remind me of a lesson learned later in life.

Hand painted letters proclaim a truth it took me a long time to learn. ‘I’m the quiet one and proud of it.’

The ‘quiet one’ part of the statement isn’t what I’d learned. I’ve always known that. It’s the being proud part that has been a recent revelation.

I learned to accept and be proud of that aspect of myself about five years ago, which puts the lesson closer to the age of 55, and not 60. Yet, while the title of…

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It Is What It Is – One Liner Wednesday

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For One Liner Wednesday – The thought for today…sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

it is what it is


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Older than Zip Codes #OneLinerWednesday

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“You are older than zip codes, they started in the early 60’s.”

mr zip stamp

Gee thanks, sis. But I got my pay-back when I reminded her that she’s right behind me. We’ve got to embrace life – even when we’re getting older, even when we have a younger sister that teases us about our age.

This line brought to you compliments of ‘One Liner Wednesday‘, which I’ve neglected participating in lately.

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Bisterne Scarecrow Festival Trail 2018 — koolkosherkitchen

I love seeing how other people have fun and embrace the joy in life!
I wish I could see these in person, but since I can’t, KoolKosherKitchen did their part in brightening up my day. Check out their post for the whimsical scarecrows. (**Spoiler alert – the baby dragon is my favorite!)

Originally posted on derrickjknight: CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED This afternoon Jackie and I followed: Pokestop carries a Pokemon. I just squeezed The Bisterne Royals into one frame. Worzel is in trouble with Aunt Sally required a couple of shots, one from across the road. We surmised he had been on…

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One Liner Wedneday

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A thought for One Liner Wednesday:


You can join the fun with One Liner Wednesday too. Weekly fun sponsored by Linda Hill. Check it out here.


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Zeal for my Dreams


MAY 22

To be a human being is to be in a state of tension between your appetites and your dreams, and the social realities around you and your obligations to your fellow man.
John Updike.

It’s all a balancing act. In one hand, we hold our dreams and the things we long to learn or do, places we long to visit, sights we long to see. And, in the other hand, we hold the things that we ‘must’ do: care for the children, nurture our relationship with our spouse, show up at work forty hours a week (or more), mow the lawn before the neighbors send us nasty notes, or take the cat to the vet.

And in the midst of all the have-to’s in our lives, we find ourselves not only overwhelmed, but somewhere along the path we ended up feeling that the dreams we held in our hand were frivolous, unnecessary, or selfish.

So we ended up neglecting that half of our being, while giving all our energy to the half that monitors our obligations. Then, we wonder why we wander around, teetering towards falling over in an unbalanced mess.

To maintain balance, we must also nurture our dreams and chase them with zeal.

Affirmation: Today, I choose to remain in balance by nurturing my dreams and desires.

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Your Tribe



Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Author Unknown

I hear this phrase a lot, especially floating around on Facebook. It’s like the new and updated version of ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ But it’s so apropos. Even with the updated terminology, the concept remains the same. We tend to be attracted to people with similar mind sets and similar values. The reverse is also true. The energy we put out towards others will also attract – or repel – people.

I’ve known people that are Negative Nellie’s (my apologies to those Nellie’s out there that aren’t a bit negative) and their negative attitude, whose constant grumbles and complaints grate on my nerves and I don’t want to spend time with them. Then there’s my friend Barbara, who consistently exudes an aura of peace, love, and joy – no matter the storms nor the difficulties that she is going through at the moment. I never get enough time with this beautiful soul.

That’s my goal and my mantra for this life. I want to have the kind of attitude that draws other like-minded people to me – people that enjoy life, that have love and compassion for others, people with kindness in their soul. That’s the people who I want in my tribe.

What kinds of people do you want in your tribe? What actions can you take, or attitudes can you exhibit, to draw the types of people you want to be around into your life?

I exhibit a loving attitude that draws
likeminded souls to the circle of my tribe.

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