Forget the Glass Celling. Shatter the Walls


It was a beautiful day and I ended up at the park with our youngest daughter. She ran to the swings and triumphantly jumped onto the empty seat. As she got going, after a push from me, she would pump her legs then stick them straight out, using the muscles in her abs and quads to propel her forward reaching towards the sky. Coming back down, she would straighten her legs again to gain maximum lift while going the opposite direction. As I watched her and the intense look she had on her face I thought about the proverbial glass celling.

Shattering the glass celling is a phrase I’ve heard often. Its trendy and meant to tell us we can do and be anything; all we have to do is shatter that celling. I understand the idea, the concept. I want our girls to live a life where they know…

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