Embracing Life Challenge #EmbracingLife

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Note: September 1: The October Challenge has been postponed. I’ll repost when the new challenge month is chosen. I need to spend the month of October completing two major projects. That will be my embracing life celebration – checking two biggies off as ‘done.’

November is out. I’ll be in California celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday. Plus, it’s NANO month. December is…well, you all know what craziness December brings us…so, I’ll find a month in the new year to have the challenge.

Thanks for your understanding.


Embracing Life Challenge

Embracing Life. While these are simply two little words, an embracing life attitude encompasses are many areas. What it means to embrace life is going to differ with each of us. If you ask five friends what it means to them, you’ll most likely get five widely varying answers.

What do I think it means to embrace life?

I think it means to celebrate life and live it fully. Be aware of who you are. Love with an open heart. Live with a positive attitude and avoid, or diminish, contact with toxic people. Be your true authentic self. Live a life of energy and vitality. Follow your dreams. Embrace the present while appreciating the past and looking forward to the future. Live a life filled with laughter and joy. Celebrate, nurture and treasure your friendships. Be thankful and express gratitude. Be content with where you are and who you are. Live a life that nourishes your soul. Embracing life is all this – and so much more.

As I dive deeper into looking at embracing life, I want to inspire others to look at their own lives and embrace all the good in it, along with the warts and the flaws. To encourage us all, I put together a five week Embracing Life Challenge.

I have one of my new blogging friends, Niki Lopez from The Richness of a Simple Life, for this inspiration. Earlier in the year, she hosted a seven week Kindness Challenge. I learned a lot from those seven weeks, as I looked within myself, and examined my outer world for evidences and traits of kindness. (P.S. Her kindness challenge continues on. Take a peek at the Kindness Challenge here.)

When is the Challenge?

Each Monday in October, I’ll post a blog about embracing life reflect on. I encourage you to let the weekly theme speak to you and your heart and then blog about it. What does it mean to you? Whad did you learn? What did you discover about yourself and your life?

Although we could easily go longer, choosing a different topic each week, I think by the end of the month we’ll all be ready to move onto our usual November and December holiday preparations. I’m hoping that what we read, write and learn during October will be lessons that will stay with us as we close out the year and move onto a new year.

How Do I Participate?

To participate in the challenge and come play along with us, sign up on the list below.

After I publish my Monday post, reflect on the topic and post your own blog about it. Link back to my Monday post and use the tag #EmbracingLife. If you’d like, use the Embracing Life Challenge banner in your posts. (It’s here for you to use, but if you don’t want to, or if you forget, the Social Media Gods aren’t going to strike you with lightening. The older I get, the more ‘go with the flow’ I get.)

You aren’t a blogger? That’s okay. You can still participate in the challenge. Use it for your own personal prompt for the week for your own inner growth. Share your progress via social media…or keep it private. Our journeys are our own unique paths. You know what you need – and don’t need – to improve your life and stay true to yourself.

Share the news. Share on Facebook, twitter, or any other social media platforms you use.

Five Week Challenge Topics:

Week One: Embracing Your Life

Week Two: Embracing Those in Your Tribe

Week Three: Embracing Your Dreams

Week Four: Embracing Choices and Possibilities

Week Five: Embracing Your Authentic Self

I hope to see you in October as we all encourage one another to embrace life and live a life of fullness and vitality, each day better than the day before.


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  1. Niki says:

    Congratulations on spreading your message. ❤ Thanks for the pingback ❤

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