Kindness Challenge: Week 7 #RevofKindness

Kindness Challenge: Week 7 #RevofKindness


This is final week in the Seven Week Kindness Challenge. I have to admit, with the deadlines and time crunch in getting Fat and Sassy ready to release in two weeks, I’ve gotten slightly behind with my blogs, including my progress reports on the Kindness Challenge.

But here I am, ready to wrap up the last week.

I do have to share though, even though I wasn’t as active with the challenge over the past two weeks, I’ve still noticed a new awareness in my life. Not in large ways, but in many small, seemingly insignificant matters. For instance, a few days ago I was on the way home, and traffic was backing up. Usually I’m pretty good about letting people in front of me. Until I find myself in a rush, running out of time to get to my next destination. I found myself sitting in backed up traffic, seeing a car waiting to enter the roadway from a shopping center. On a good day, I’d let the car in front of me without any extra thought. On a day I was short of time, then I typically think ‘They can wait their turn, it will open up behind me.’ On this afternoon, I was starting to anxiously watch the clock on the dashboard, when I saw a green Jeep patiently waiting to enter the gridlocked highway. The Kindness Challenge flashed through my mind…and I sat there and gave space for the Jeep to pull in front of me.

I realized that even if you’re someone that shows kindness to others easily and freely, there’s always room for improvement. An open heart can be opened a bit wider. And sometimes it’s only being aware of this possibility that makes it happen.

So here we go, off for Week Seven!

“This week we are going to explore what it feels like to be kind throughout the week and not say anything to anyone.”

On this note, and in line with the directions for the challenge, there won’t be a report of any specific instances. Because…Shhhh!…it’s a secret. But I will wrap up the week with some final thoughts.

Where can you share a little kindness this week?

Is your heart open to give and to share a little more than usual?




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7 Responses to Kindness Challenge: Week 7 #RevofKindness

  1. Finding your blog for the first time on the Summer road trip. Thank you for this post on kindness. I learned a long time ago how important and how far it goes in a marriage. After this 7 week challenge I am sure you a blessing to those in your world because kindness is your habit now. While you have been doing exercise, I am just finishing up a series of June Posts on summertime while growing up and how to recapture some of those moment this summer. Hope you have time to spend a few minutes and read some of them to gauge what the blog can be about and if it calls to you.

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  2. yes, there is always room for improvement. 🙂

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  3. Niki says:

    Thank you so much for participating in the challenge Trisha. I hope that you got what you needed out of it! Thank you for joining on this journey!

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