Kindness Challenge: Week Two #RevofKindness


Week Two of the Kindness Challenge asked us to ‘Observe Kindness around Us’. I’ve been looking this week, but I only found one instance that I noticed. It’s the downside of writing from home and not getting out in public as much as I used to.

What surprised me is that what I found was a corporate instigated kindness, not one from an individual. I stopped into Dollar Tree (a store I’ve only recently discovered, how can this be?) for a few items. I’ve discovered that I really like only paying a dollar for laundry soap, bleach, shampoo and conditioner! As I checked out, the cashier, Loleatha (she’s always so friendly and cheerful) asked me if I wanted to donate to a local food bank.

Naturally, I agree and expected that it would be a $1 or $5 ticket, similar to what I see in other corporate donation events. Instead of giving me an option like this, she disappeared to the food aisle a few feet away. She scanned the shelves and then reached for a can. Returning to the check out, she asked, “How about a can of green beans for seventy-nine cents?”

Sounded good to me. She rang up the can, then proceeded to put a special food bank sticker on the can and set it aside.

Easiest donation I’ve ever done. And the extra few cents on my bill was painless. I’d pay more for a candy bar. Now I wish I would have added a few more cans to my total. So next week, since the store is on my way to go visit my granddaughter, I think I’ll pull in and purchase a few more food items. Two or three dollars at a time won’t make a dent in the pocketbook, and will go a long ways towards helping stock a local food bank.

Good for you Watauga Dollar Tree, for participating in this act of kindness.

And then, on Facebook yesterday I saw this little video clip of an act of kindness for a sea turtle. Being a turtle lover, I was very happy to see it. And it also reinforced the idea that acts of kindnesses are not always towards our fellow human beings. They can be shared through the whole web of life.

Man rescuing sea turtle from plastic bag:


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5 Responses to Kindness Challenge: Week Two #RevofKindness

  1. Niki says:

    I’m so glad you were able to find kindness around you. Isn’t it funny how reading something good makes you feel good even if it doesn’t impact you directly? Makes you wonder why half of a news program isn’t dedicated to all of the great things that people do. Thank you for sharing your stories of kindness with us!

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  2. What a lovely inspiring post!

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