Y: You are Important

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Y: You are Important

You are important and valued. You, the person you are right now. This is a tough lesson for some to learn. While others, we look at them and wonder how they’ve managed to already know this with seemingly no problems. I say seemingly, because appearances do not always reflect what’s inside. People may appear to have it all together and they may not seem to have any doubts or insecurities. But, oftentimes, the façade we see is only a mirage.


Just as others don’t always truly know what’s going on inside of us, so too, we don’t know their inner journey either.

I know that many people struggle from always putting others before themselves. Especially wives and mothers. Yes, some men have this problem too, but through my years this seems to affect women much more. Everyone seems to get a piece of us first. Spouses. Parents. Relatives. Children. PTA. Children’s sports teams. Coworkers.


Who was always planning the potlucks at work? The women. I never saw one of the men coordinate the event. Nor did they go home and spend the evening before cooking a dish to bring.

So we dole out pieces of ourselves, one snip at a time. Here…take this. Here…you can have this. Hey, you…you get this. And at the end of the day, we take the shriveled little corner that remains and try to get by with what’s left.


That’s why the ‘Y’ for today is YOU. You are important. You matter. Your life has validity.

Take care of yourself. For if we offer the best parts to everyone else, we don’t leave much. We need to nourish ourselves. Eat well and healthy. Rest. Enjoy life. Meditate. Refresh our minds and spirit. Spend some time with hobbies and passions that restore our souls. Take time in nature to bring peace to our spirit.

Brooke Griffin, in 10 Reasons Why You Matter, YOU Are Important, writes:

1) YOU Matter | You are the only person who can be YOU

Everyone has a different life journey and a different story to tell. We all face different challenges. We all gain different experiences. There are billions of people on this planet, and yet YOU are the only person who is Exactly like You. Believe it or not, this simple fact is incredibly important. Don’t even for a second allow yourself to think anything different.

2) You Are Valuable | You Have Purpose, You are Important

No matter who you are, you can provide value. We each have an individual purpose that cannot be compared to everyone else. You have a different perspective to share. You can shed light on a situation that maybe no one else can possibly provide. You can utilize your unique experiences to help and positively influence others.

At the end of the day, always remember that You Are Important. STOP comparing yourself to everyone else. Value, appreciate and learn from others, but don’t cut yourself short. We have all unique abilities and talents. Always remain Humble and Kind but believe in yourself and appreciate Your Own Value.

What’s one thing you can do today to celebrate and nurture YOU?



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