P: Practice Makes Permanent

P: Practice Makes Permanent

Practice being happy now!

Why do I say “practice”? Because “practice makes perfect,” right? Wrong! That’s a massive misconception!

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

People are creatures of HABIT. On a daily basis, if you practice pessimism and struggle, you become very good at it. You become unconsciously competent. Pessimism and struggle become almost automatic to a point where even when you want to change, happiness becomes almost impossible.

The important thing to remember is . . . One process does not lead to another.

Practicing pitching leads to being a good pitcher, not catcher. Practicing overwhelm leads to overwhelm, not inner peace. And practicing being miserable leads to misery, not happiness.

If you wait until everything is going great before you practice happiness, you may wait a long time. Not because things will never be great, but because you’ve become a master at being unhappy. Unhappiness will be your habit!

That’s why it’s critical, no matter what other objectives you’re attempting to achieve, you remember to practice happiness RIGHT NOW, in this very moment!

I can’t take credit for these words of wisdom. I was reading an e-book, Speedwealth, by T. Harv Eker. In it, he outlined eight principles for speedwealth. Principle number eight was ‘Do it Now’, in which he discussed practice and how it ingrains permanent habits in our lives.

This seemed to be a perfect ‘P’ post for my Embracing Life Tribe blog. These concepts don’t only apply to wealth building, but to life in general. In anything we attempt, participate in, and even our own attitudes…Practice makes permanent.

And his thought of ‘Do it Now’. Again, perfect for anyone who wants to embrace life. Do it now. Go for a dream. Hug a child. Start that new project. Go lay out your garden. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing…Do it!

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2 Responses to P: Practice Makes Permanent

  1. cassmob says:

    I have a couple of things I am going to practice.

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