N: Now (Live in the Moment)

A2Z-BADGE [2016]


Living in the now. I don’t know about you, but living in the current moment is something I must constantly remind myself to do.

Planning ahead has always been one of my traits. I think many people who set goals are prone to do. Whether or not we achieve them doesn’t matter in this issue. It’s the looking ahead, the planning, and the looking towards the future that keeps our mind focused on the ‘then’.

I’ve always been bad at that, but now that I’m a full time writer, it’s even worse. If my mind isn’t wrapped around the story, article or book that I’m currently working on, it’s looking at the calendar ahead. What due dates are coming up? What contests are ahead? What do I need to finish to meet my goals?

A due date for something I want to submit may be April 30th. But I can’t sit down on April 29th and write and submit it. I need to mull it over first. What do I want to write to meet the theme? What characters, what story line? What points do I want to cover? I can have these ideas swirling around in my mind anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before the ideas gel into a more concrete form. Then comes the first draft. I prefer to have some time, at least a week or two, to set it aside and come back to edit it with fresh eyes. And then, maybe one more round of edits before finalizing and hitting ‘send’. Multiply that by the ten to fifteen items on my list and that’s a lot to keep me focused on the future, and not on the now.

Then there’s the days of the past that long to pull up back in their depths. Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Why did he or she do that? Why did he or she say that? That was really stupid. I should have done it this way. I can’t believe it happened that way. See what I mean? The days that are over and gone can have just a strong a pull on our attention.

Nestled in between the before and ahead is a funny little place called now. This is where I need to spend more energy. Truly being with the people I’m with. Connecting with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoying the moment, looking at the sky, feeling alive now.

What about you? Do you relish your now moments, or do you too tend to look ahead or behind?


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