Book Review: Framing a Family

Review of Framing a Family

By Robin Marvel

framing a family'Framing a Family, by Robin Marvel, is a wonderful book. I’ve followed Robin for several years and have seen how she interacts with her children and the positive examples she shows them. I was excited for the chance to read her newest book.

Throughout Framing a Family, Robin shares real life examples that proves she lives by the advice she gives. She’s honest about her background, her childhood, and her early motherhood. She easily could have become a statistic, following the lead of the life she was shown. Instead, she chose courage and honesty, and she chose to live an authentic life, one that is positive and nurturing for her five girls.

Some of the chapters are: Being an Example, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Kindness, along with many more. What I like about this book, besides the use of real life examples, is that the author shares tools and hands on exercises so that you can incorporate the wisdom into your own life.

The end of the book contains other tools, such as Family Goals, and a Making it Happen Plan, that readers can use to make this an integral part of their family.

The illustrations throughout the book are precious. They’re drawings that her girls did, even the youngest. I love how she’s included them in this process and made them part of the finished product.

While this is a book that is perfect to read before you have children, or while they’re young, it’s one that’s never too late to read. Even if your children are older, or grown, there is still advice that pertains to building and strengthening a family. If there aren’t young children in your life currently, there is still knowledge here that helps women honor their beliefs and fortify their self-worth.

I highly recommend Framing a Family.


I received a copy of this book for review from the author. I have received no other compensation.

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