Alive by ME (BLW Contributor)

live.jpgI am participating in the alphabet salad word of the year linkup.

What a mind melting exercise. I tossed around a few words before I was finally presented with the one that actually resonated.

I thought connection, creativity, friendship, authentic, joy, delicious. These are cool words to live by for a year but didn’t really sit well in my heart and soul. They didn’t feel like the words I could carry around for 2016.

My word for 2016 is ALIVE

Definition of Alive


  1. (of a person, animal, or plant) living, not dead.

Synonyms: living, live, breathing, vital, vigorous, flourishing

  1. Alert and active, animated.

Synonyms: animated, lively, alert, active, energetic, spirited, flourishing, enthusiastic, aware, alert, sensitive vibrant, and sparkling.

Look at these awesome words, how marvellous would it be to live these words, on your best day to be sparkly and vibrant and on your worst day just to breathe.

Are you all thinking what a weird word…

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