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AGH_FB_privilegs in my city

There are days when I walk through the center of Stockholm when I get this sudden feeling of happiness – a sense of belonging and at the same time gratitude that I’m so privileged that I can live my life in my city.
Bjorn Ulvaeus

Do we always appreciate the seemingly insignificant pieces of our lives? Do we appreciate where we live? Or are we too busy grumbling about our location?

Too busy. Too rural. Too hot. Too cold. Too much rain. Not enough rain. Too humid. Too dry. Too much traffic. Too many people. Not enough people.

I have to admit that even as I’ve been consciously looking for things that I am grateful for, my city and the life I live here has not made my gratitude list. I’m constantly looking for small overlooked things, such as – I’m thankful for the tasty, tuna sandwich I had for lunch today, or I’m thankful I had enough cash for the postage today. But, my city and the life I live here…hasn’t even been a blip on my radar.

Today I will be thankful for the small Texas town I live in. I will appreciate the privileges that I take for granted. I can get in my car and drive anywhere I want. I can go to the store at midnight. I can leave town whenever I want. I don’t have to check with anyone, or fill out forms, or be told it isn’t allowed. I can cross state lines and drive anywhere I choose. No curfews. No detentions. I can choose my occupation. I can choose where I live. I can choose where I shop. I can choose what groceries I want to buy. We have so many unlimited freedoms here in America. I’ve been remiss to appreciate them and include them on my gratitude list.

Affirmation: Today I choose to appreciate the privileges I enjoy in my city.

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2 Responses to APPRECIATION #appreciation #gratitude #blessings #mycity

  1. utesmile says:

    We have many choices… and don’t need to complain. Great Post Trisha

    Liked by 1 person

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